IT at Vax

IT has a huge part to play in supporting and shaping the business. Our aims are to ensure that we keep the business working and also assisting the company in its drive to meet and exceed its strategies. We want individuals who are driven, have great enthusiasm and an appetite to be involved all aspects of IT. This is truly an end to end role and no two days are the same!

IT supports the business by keeping all our systems fully functional, ensuring maximum uptime and supporting our end users whether they are based in Europe or here in the UK. We are keen to keep the business moving forward by carrying out upgrades to our current infrastructure and applications whilst constantly exploring new technologies that are fit for purpose.

IT at Vax is a small team but with great aspirations. We are aided by a number of external partners, which hand in hand, enable us to deliver the best solutions we possibly can. Having a number of core external partners provides further benefits for prospective employees to join Vax IT including a plethora of updated knowledge on IT and the most up to date information on technology trends in the industry - all within easy reach.

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